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Gold Panning

Updated: Apr 15

“Life is BEAUTIFUL”…

A profound statement, yet it applies to simply being alive…

However, surprisingly, often the most beautiful things are those that we take for granted, right there in front of us.

An age-old quote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is undoubtedly applicable!

Being over eighty I am no longer excited by air travel, staying in five-star accommodation or any other for that matter.

In fact, I no longer enjoy the thought of staying overnight, away from home, for any reason.

I have given the thought of travel, as a previously avid traveller, serious consideration as there are places out there temptingly beckoning.

The places I like to visit nowadays covers an area of four- five hours, in any direction, from Bundaberg as the central point. Continuation of the Wide Bay Region is the place I want to further explore. Jo Jo’s Day Tours offers, among other tours, a “Mystery Day Tour” held on a Thursday, fortnightly, in a comfortable twenty-five-seater bus travelling to expose a some of the hidden gems of the Wide Bay.

Now, that I love.

These day-out opportunities are there for one to choose to explore on a regular basis, interesting stories of often, little known facts, as some locations the tours visit are steeped in history. On the other hand, we experience a modern twist to traditional Agriculture it is amazing how most branches of Agriculture have moved into the Digital Age. Who would have thought that technology would be embraced by cattle growers, crop growers and vegetable growers, to name a few, as each apply this amazingly cost-effective technology into their particular farming specialty most now using the most modern techniques.

Visiting beautiful areas is, for me, very satisfying, often so peaceful, there are so many who have a deep-seated love for the bush, but not always the opportunity to get out there.

The understated areas of variety when travelling through cattle properties, dairy farms, alpaca farms, orchards, vineyards, forestry, and other specialist areas of agriculture, is an amazing spectacle, there for us to experience.

Why do I love, with a passion, the day visits to remarkable places within the Wide Bay Region?

I ask myself, “what is it that satisfies your inquisitive mind and appetite for travel?”

Probing further, it is important to highlight more of the product that comes from this place called the Wide Bay.

Aquaculture or Fish Farming.

Mining Sites, the significant producer of gold, Mt Rawdon its various mine sites have produced from the year 2011, 1.8 million ounces of gold. These astounding facts together with beautiful green mountains, spectacular countryside, waterfalls, and semi tropical pockets…

In summary I have heaven here on earth, enough information to fill an encyclopedia and more gems just waiting to be uncovered.

I rest my case, why would I not look forward to the memorable “Mystery Day Tours”.

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